Snow Knitting

This is what I’ve been doing instead of writing.


  1. fahimausa

    Saw an article somewhere the other day that made me think of you, but can’t remember where it was, maybe NIH newsletter. Said that knitting is restorative to health and well-being. Certainly it is a meditative kind of thing, so that makes great sense to me.

    • Mind Margins

      It is very meditative. I’ve read a study about it as well, and supposedly it’s very calming and lowers the blood pressure. Unless you make a mistake or can’t figure out why the pattern isn’t looking right, which happened to me last week.

  2. fahimausa

    Angela, I have bags and bags full of Samoyed fur. Clean, white, beautiful. If you know someone who could spin it into yarn for you, I’d love to send it to you. Let me know. Usually I give it to someone who knows someone, but I’ve never received a thank you, but have continued to do so anyhow. I’d love to give it to you if you would be interested. My gorgeous Babba (Sugar Bear No. 2) is 9 now, healthy and so gentle.

    • Mind Margins

      Thank you, you mentioned this before, but unfortunately I don’t know anyone who spins. Maybe if someone out there spins, they will see this post and contact you. You could also post it somewhere on Ravelry, which is a site for knitters. I bet someone would jump at the chance to have it.

  3. monica

    I love your scarves (and hats!)! waiting for some money now so I can shop your etsy shop!!! and love the photos – beautiful. although, I must say – right here in TEXAS it’s been a great knitting winter! ;o) we didn’t go above 32 today.

    • Mind Margins

      Thanks, Monica. This has been the best winter ever for opening an Etsy shop and selling scarves! I never complain about the cold because Of our horridly long summers, but I think I’m ready for winter to be over. Like tomorrow, please.

  4. Steve Schwartzman

    I looked at the picture first, saw the caption, and wondered how that could be the view outside your window. I don’t know what part of New Mexico you’re visiting, but if you’re within range of Bandelier National Mounument and haven’t ever been there, I’d recommend it.

    Outside my window in Austin this morning the sky is mostly blue and the forecast is for the temperature to go into the 60s by afternoon. The period from mid-December till now has been so cold and overcast that I’ve hardly taken any pictures, so maybe I’ll go out today and see what scenes I can knit together in this New Mexico of the mind.

    • Mind Margins

      I was in Red River, which is on the other side of Taos. It barely got out of the teens the entire time we were there, but I loved all the snow. It’s been an unusually cold, dark winter for us Texans, hasn’t it? I know I will eat these words in July and August, but I’m actually looking forward to warmer, sunnier weather.

      I have visited Bandelier NM before, and my daughter just visited it for the first time. It’s a little known gem of a place. I think New Mexico is pretty swell.

  5. pwhent

    The view from your window is beautiful. I would gladly trade the weeks of rain and flooding we have had for a good covering of snow…….I’d even learn to knit!

    • Mind Margins

      I’ve been reading about your rain and flooding on another blog. It could indeed be could be the perfect excuse you need to learn to knit. Stay safe, Peter, and hopefully the sun will return soon.

  6. melissabluefineart

    It’s funny, isn’t it, how something inside of us needs something “out there’ for what we do to feel legit? Odd, really but I can relate. I love the work you are showing on etsy!

  7. Mind Margins

    Thanks, Melissa. I feel so validated when I knit with snow falling. I feel kind of ridiculous knitting when it’s 105 outside. (But it’s not going to stop me.)

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