Rogue Flowers in January

We’ve had a fairly mild winter this year in North Texas. No surprise, really, after the hottest summer on record. I was surprised to discover, however, that there are still a few rogue flowers trying to push out a few more blooms in the cooler temps.  While playing with the dogs in the back yard the other day, a flash of golden orange appeared in the wildflower patch. I believe it’s Calendula, one of my favorite flowers from the summer.

Last spring I bought a packet of wildflower seeds and spread them out along a fence, along with some giant sunflower seeds. Of course it stormed a few days after I spread the seed, and a lot of them washed away. It was fun to see what flowers survived the deluge and would appear throughout the summer. There were quite a few Black Eyed Susans and Sweet Alyssum (which is also still blooming in January), but one of my favorites were the Calendulas. Their large, showy, dark green leaves are impressive on their own, and stand out amongst the more fragile wildflowers. The color of the flowers are a beautiful deep, golden orange.

The other flower that made a reappearance last week was a Blanket Flower, otherwise known as Arizona Sun. It’s trying really hard to bloom, but I think the cold nights were too much for it. It’s a little sad looking, especially in the rain.

This winter has been so mild, in fact, that I’m still able to grow lettuce in my vegetable garden. I’ve been covering them on cold nights with a sheet of clear plastic and, except for an attack of hungry caterpillars that nearly did them in, they’re growing splendidly. The bricks on the sides and down the middle are to gather heat during the day, but also to keep the plastic off the lettuce when it’s covered.

In my book, you can never have enough flowers in your life, so these unexpected rogue flowers were a real treat this week.


  1. thesinglecell

    I agree with you about flowers. And I love those calendulas! My climate is not nearly so temperate, though it hasn’t been bad this winter – I find I like the cold when it’s “supposed” to be cold, at least so far in my life. But to see a flower hoping for better is guaranteed to bring a smile. Thanks for giving me one!

    • Mind Margins

      I agree with you about liking the cold when it’s “supposed” to be cold. It was hard as a child growing up in Texas at Christmas when we sang all those songs about snow and it was 70 degrees outside. I still feel gypped when we don’t have a cold Christmas. Glad to share the flower cheer around to those not so “lucky” to have flowers in January.

  2. skippingstones

    That’s wonderful! I really like the Calendula, so pretty with the notches at the tips of the petals. I really like the name…Calendula… That’s one that you want to keep saying.

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