Before the Heat, There Were Flowers

We made it all the way to 40 straight days of triple digit temperatures here in Dallas, two days away from tying the record.  Most of us were somewhat sad we didn’t at least tie the record because we wanted something to show for our Summer of Misery, like a medal at the end of a marathon.  Oh well.  Little did we know that we hadn’t yet crossed the finish line.  Yesterday we officially claimed the #2 spot for total number of days at or above 100 degrees.  We’re at 57 days so far and need to reach 69 to tie.

I’m hoping we don’t make it to 69.  Chances are we will.

The potentially hottest Texas summer on record also happened to coincide with the summer we decided to start a garden.  We had a bumper crop of tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, zucchini, and herbs in June, but the only things that have been able to withstand the intense heat have been the peppers (jalapeno, habanero, cayenne), okra, and watermelons.  Several of the watermelons split from the intense heat before they were ripe, but the okra is thriving.  I love okra, but have never eaten so much okra in my life.

Before the extreme heat, while the vegetable garden was in its infancy, we had flowers.  Beautiful, vibrant, abundant flowers.  Here’s to the memory of those flowers and cooler days.



    • Mind Margins

      It’s been tough, especially running in it for so long. The heat is all we talk about. Yesterday we had some strong winds blow in a small system (no rain) and cooler temps in the evening. As my friend said, “90 degrees never felt so great!”
      Everyone has been told to use as little electricity as possible from 3-7pm to avoid blackouts.

  1. skippingstones

    Wow, your flowers (did) look so beautiful! I especially love those little purple ones in the first flower picture.

    I was just telling my aunt about this post. She said she was all tomato’d out. I said you were in Texas with all the heat and you were okra’d out.

    It’s a shame about the flowers, but there will be other years!

    • Mind Margins

      Those little purple ones were actually fuchsia pink and were the first flowers in the front flower garden. I planted them last year and got maybe 4 flowers total the entire year. This spring they took off and we called them “the pink explosion!” They were outrageously pink.

      We were swimming in tomatoes back in June; now all the plants are dead. So sad. Oh well, all the dead flowers just means I can replant some new kinds next year.

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